What to believe? How do you know which claims are true and which are false? To add to the problem, there have historically been a number of unscrupulous people and companies who either make false claims or adulterate product to cut costs disregarding the health and safety implications of those actions. It has created an environment where Essential Oil consumers have to be very cautious when purchasing.

Essential Oils are popular, trendy and can offer significant benefits. Search the web and you’ll find hundreds if not thousands of web sites touting a wide range of oils, therapies and best practices. Or maybe you have a friend that keeps telling you about the advantages and benefits of Essential Oils. Does any of this sound familiar?


Why We’re Here…

Natural Air was founded on some very basic principles…

  • Essential Oils are great. When used correctly they offer many benefits and advantages and we want you to experience this.
  • Customers need to be able to trust that our products are described accurately, produced meticulously and are safe.
  • We want to focus our efforts on aromatherapy and air freshening to help our customers create an inviting and safe environment.
  • Essential Oils should be affordable.

What’s In Our Oils?

Through product development and research we found that even though essential oils evaporate naturally, it’s sometimes difficult to get all of the oil into the air. The “light notes” evaporate quickly but those “heavy notes” tend to remain. We want to offers oils that work better in your electric diffuser, but also work better when used in non-powered diffusers… the ones with pads that you put in your car, office, etc. and are more portable.

Our first group of oils… Natural Essential Oil Blends are Essential Oils combined with Natural Carrier ingredients to help the heavy notes evaporate. It’s important to understand we only use Natural ingredients in these blends and there are no synthetic or artificial ingredients. That’s important to us and we know it’s important to you. This is why our Natural Essential Oils work better for the air…Naturally.

        How Do You Know Our Products Are All Natural?

Our standard operating procedure is to source the best ingredients from around the world (see our fragrance description section). For each ingredient gas chromatography and mass spectrometry (GC-MS) tests are done to verify the ingredients are all natural and not adulterated or contaminated.

We were surprised (and caught a little off-guard) at the number of inquiries about 3rd party GC-MS testing. We felt that if anything our procedures and processes are overly stringent and we know our products are truly all Natural. But from your viewpoint how do you know? Especially with so many companies out there with adulterated/contaminated product. Maybe it’s not enough that we do GC-MS testing internal to our processes. So we’re in the process now (and spending the extra money) to get some 3rd party GC-MS testing done on product we’ve already tested via GC-MS. We get it. We want to be open and honest about our products.

Can Our Oils Be Used For Topical or Internal Use?

Our oils are of the same high grade and quality of others that are used for topical and internal use.   Since we breathe these into our lungs we need to make sure they are safe and of very high quality. Our kids use them too!  But our focus (and niche) is the use of Essential Oils in the air. The amount of Essential Oil you receive through the air is much lower than what you receive when you use topically or internally. It’s very important that for topical or internal use you properly research the oil and properly dilute it. Essential Oils can be very strong and concentrated and too much of a good thing can be bad. Read the labels and follow the directions on any oil you buy… whether it’s from us or someone else.

We’ve focused on a system to get the Essential Oils into the air… so let’s stick to that.

How Can Such High Quality Oils Be This Affordable?

There’s a big difference in pricing for Essential Oils. Generally speaking Essential Oils are 3-4 times more expensive and that varies from one fragrance to another. But that doesn’t really explain all the range in the market.

  •  High priced oils are typically of high quality… but also consider their structure and use of “parties” with high (and hidden) commissions and high profits.
  • We’ve all seen low priced oils online and elsewhere. So low you have to be suspicious of the quality. You can definitely search and find stories of adulterated product, etc.

We stick to high quality oils with low overheads and no commissions. That keeps our prices down to a reasonable and competitive range.

If You’ve Read This Far You Must Really Care!

So do we… and that means you’re our type of customer. We want you to try Essential Oils because they’re great. We’ve focused our efforts on creating an all Natural product line that you can feel comfortable with… and not pay outrageous prices. So use a little extra because finally you can afford to.

Natural Air™

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