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We share the air,

let’s keep it natural!

100% Natural

Our oils are made only from essential oils and natural ingredients, no synthetics.

Oils with Purpose

Our products are made to fill your space with fantastic fragrances as subtle or bold as you want them to be.

Better Blends

Create your own – add a little coconut or cinnamon to your favorite essential oil. Fragrance should be as individual as you are.

Stop Compromising

When you give up synthetic fragrances, you may give up your favorite fragrances. Let us take you back to the beach, the apple orchard, the meadow and your grandma’s kitchen naturally.

Fragrance Cocktails

Rum, coconut, and pineapple are great ingredients alone and even better together as a Pina Colada. We combine natural ingredients to serve you a better fragrance cocktail.


Some essential oils are great for therapeutic purposes…but they don’t smell so good. We focus all our attention on providing all-natural fragrance oil that makes your room

Take your nose on a trip

The beach, the mountain meadows, orange and apple orchards, lavender fields…. Place perfect aroma inspired from around the globe into your kitchen, living room, bathroom, closets, sneakers, backpacks, lockers, car, etc.