Natural Oil – Chamomile Fields

Natural Air - 100% Natural Oil, Chamomile Fields

Natural Air – 100% Natural Oil, Chamomile Fields

We could have named this “Chill.” Chamomile Fields (Relax) is an all-natural blend formulated specifically for the air.

We start with Lavender Bulgarian… one of the nicest lavender oils you’ll find with a sweet, floral middle to top aromatic note. We add Cedarwood Oil steam distilled from Virginia that adds a mild, sweet-balsamic scent. We include Chamomile Roman from Italy distilled from the plant’s flower and provides an apple-like sweet and fresh aroma. We add Lemongrass from India providing a strong, fresh, lemony ad earthy scent. We add a touch of Australian Sandalwood providing a soft, woody aromatic note. Amyris oil steam distilled from Haiti complements the blend and Sage Clary from France adds a sweet, nutty herbaceous scent. We finish up by adding Bergamot BF oil steam distilled from Italy with a fruity-sweet citrus fragrance and slightly balsamic undertones. Wow… what a blend! We’ve worried about the details so you can Relax!


Lavender Bulgarian (BULGARIA), Cedarwood Virginia (USA), Chamomile Roman (ITALY), Lemongrass Indian (INDIA), Sandalwood Australian (AUSTRALIA), Amyris (HAITI), Sage Clary (FRANCE), Bergamot BF (ITALY)

The best smelling all-natural oils blended with unique combinations of natural ingredients.

Natural Air™ was created with the idea to diffuse Natural &/or Essential Oils to naturally freshen the environment around you. As always, please keep this product out of the reach of children. If you are pregnant, nursing, or under a doctor’s care please consult with a physician before using. Do not apply our oils directly to the skin or use internally, unless directed by a licensed Aroma Therapist and/or Physician.

Add 5-25 drops to powered or non-powered diffuser.