Natural Oil – Four Bandits

Natural Air - 100% Natural Oil, Four Bandits

Natural Air – 100% Natural Oil, Four Bandits

The unusual name comes from an old story.

During the 15th century the bubonic plague was running rampant through Europe. It was a mystery why a group of four bandits/thieves were able to rob infectious bodies without contracting the disease. Eventually arrested, to secure their freedom they agreed to share their secret formulation of essential oils that had prevented their contraction of the disease. Sometimes you’ll see this called a fighting five or similar in reference to the five essential oil ingredients. Or sometimes you’ll see it called bandits or something similar in reference to those thieves of the middle ages. But the story stood the test of time in many forms and variations.

There’s a lot written about this mixture of oils… some scientific and some anecdotal. But the ingredients are no longer a secret and we’ve formulated this all-natural essential oil blend specifically for the air. Four Bandits includes Rosemary from Morroco, extracted from the leaves and often used in herbal medicines over the ages offering a multitude of benefits. Rosemary is strong but blends well with other oils. The blend includes Eucalyptus Radiata from South Africa that’s been steam distilled from narrow leaf eucalyptus. This creates a stimulating environment and is known for a clean aromatic fragrance note. We add Cinnamon Leaf from Sri Lanka, steam distilled and adding a clove-like fragrance that’s spicy and sweet, but not overwhelming. We include Lemon from Argentina cold pressed from the peel to add a tangy freshness we think is a little better than other lemons. We include Eucalyptus from China that we describe as green, pure and minty. This is a well-known, tried and true blend that’s been used for years and is very popular under a variety of names.


Cinnamon Leaf B&F Oil (SRI LANKA), Eucalyptus Radiata (SOUTH AFRICA), Eucalyptus 80/85 Chinese (CHINA), Lemon Argentina (ARGENTINA), Rosemary Moroccan (MORROCO)


The best smelling all-natural oils blended with unique combinations of natural ingredients.


Natural Air™ was created with the idea to diffuse Natural &/or Essential Oils to naturally freshen the environment around you. As always, please keep this product out of the reach of children. If you are pregnant, nursing, or under a doctor’s care please consult with a physician before using. Do not apply our oils directly to the skin or use internally, unless directed by a licensed Aroma Therapist and/or Physician.


Add 5-25 drops to powered or non-powered diffuser.